Logging in
To log in is quick and easy. Log in by accessing the Login page and entering your name and password.

The login process is simple although you may have some problems with Secure Login, Cookies or password problems.

If you are experiencing other problems logging in, please check the following:

  1. Check your browser options and make sure that options for Cookie Handling have been set up for Accepting all cookies. This is the most common reason for login failure.
  2. The server may be busy and will not let you login. Try to login again after 10 to 30 minutes. If there is a problem with a specific server then clear your browser cache, restart your browser and try again.
  3. You may be logging in to the wrong login page or domain. Verify that the URL is correct and in lower case only.
  4. Your Password is incorrect. Click on the Password Reminder link and supply your chosen reminder question & answer in order to reveal your correct password.

Secure Login
Some systems may have a Secure Login option available. In the login page, right below the password field, you may see a link called Secure Login. A secure login involves SSL which is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. This allows a secure and confidential transmission of messages on the web. When you log in and provide private information, this information is secure. You can log in without using SSL by ignoring this link or clicking the Fast SignUp hyperlink at the bottom of the follwing page if you clicked Secure Login and changed your mind. The secure login process may take a bit more time then the regular login procedure.
When you have completed the login process, a Welcome page opens up with a menu bar in the left frame. You can now choose tasks from the menu bar.

PDA/Lite Mode Login

If you are accessing your account via a Cellphone with Internet Access, a PDA, an Internet Kiosk or some other internet-connected device where display space is limited, connection speed is slow or erratic or speed is important then you should consider using 'PDA' or 'Lite' mode. They are a 'no frills' subset of the full graphical web client, allowing reading email and composing simple emails and responses. Both modes contain no client side scripting, use very basic html, and minimal graphics.
Note that some administration functions (changing password, other options) are not available in the pda/lite modes.

PDA or Lite mode?
The compose screen is smaller in PDA mode, making it suitable for very small display areas, eg cellphones. Lite mode is better suited to use from kiosks and other limited or pay for use facilities. You can even use it instead of the current full page mode if you like.

How do I use it?

Just add ?client=lite or ?client=pda to your normal login URL
(eg. http://mail.glorf.com/?client=pda) or, if you login from the standard login URL, just check the 'mode: PDA or Lite'.

Note, Lite and PDA modes are only available to our paying members.